Sunday, March 11, 2007

Transmedia in action

Faris of Naked is a strong believer of Transmedia Planning. So am I. In a recent article in Agencyfaqs, Sudarshan of iContract put his thoughts on the same and Santosh Desai posted his comments.

Sunsilk is probably the first brand in India to effectively put Transmedia Planning into action. Now this is probably the third time I am mentioning about Gang Of Girls. Sunsilk through its website has managed to draw a huge number of girl visitors.

GOG Blog is full of girlie talks. And if you dig deeper, you will find lots of interesting and insightful conversation. Decode it and you'll know more about their life, aspiration, ambition, hobbies.

Now, its time for Sunsilk GOG TV.

And the Sunsilk Hair Bars.

Wondering what will come next. GOG is a true brand gang bang. Watch out and start preparing for your next big Transmedia Action Plan.


Additiyom said...

hey dude...thanks for the mention, you might want to check out the deeplinked article (afaqs doesn't support deeplinks) on

Sunsilk is doing a good job, but for the name of the blog (they should have just left the brand name out)

Check this amateur attempt

pooR_Planner said...

Hi Sudarshan,
Nice blog you have. Will add you to my blogroll. Yep, even I think they should have dropped the Brand name from the blog. That would have added to the mysteriousness. I feel they thought people won't find a connect without the brand name. Nevertheless they are doing a wonderful job.

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