Saturday, November 18, 2006

Apun Nahin Bolega!!

In my previous post I mentioned about this new funda of Whisper Marketing. After burning a lot of midnight oil in the internet and book biting, I knew it was no different from WOM/Buzz Marketing which resurfaced in it’s new avatar with a fancy term called Whisper Marketing (No, I ain’t talking about marketing Whisper brand of sanitary napkins)

As you all know word-of-mouth needs to be spread, spread through someone. So the first element of any WOM is to find the right Brand Evangelist. Screen them, scrutinize them and keep them secret. Once the appointment is done…leave them in the market. There are no limits to how far reaching it can be. People love good stories and keeping that essence in mind, “Talkers” can choose any medium to propagate, but the cheapest will still be talking.

So here’s to the Talkative, a ‘Tell-your-friend’ program:

1. Animal Planet is such a beautiful channel. They can increase their viewer ship tenfold by starting a ‘small talk’ exercise. Brand evangelist visits all vet in the city with the sole purpose of spreading the good word. The channel is looking for the best pets in town. The funniest pets, the fattest pets, the disobedient pets, the ugliest pets and so on, as part of their India show. The vet in-turn speaks with the pet-owners to participate and spread the news to others. Pet owners can both take photographs/ videos of the best moments and send it to the channel which will be aired on a specific date. The channel can even hold a show in the respective cities and declare national winners. The cost of content generating … well you know the answer by now, I guess!!

2. Godrej Locks spreads a fear factor. Risky as it might sound, but hey it’s you who wanted to disrupt the market. Here’s how…visit the Crime Bureau and collect data of top twenty cities in India which are crippled due to frequent theft/burglary. The ‘word-spreaders’ then visits these cities with news of thief gangs and unique stealing stories to women association, offices, and apartment-owners association. They also carry good news. Good news that new Godrej Lock is full-proof, tamper-proof and the safest lock to keep things protected. He gives a demo and hands out a list to “to do things” to prevent theft/burglary. He also appoints Chief Vigil Officers & Chief Safety Officers in each zone. The word-spreader’ then refers them to the hardware dealers who sell the product. Simultaneously Godrej Locks with the help of local police and media creates content that aims at reducing crime. Too far stretched??? Well… apun ka bolti bandh!!

PS: Don’t jump to implement these ideas. Remember that old saying, “Look before you leap.”



Manish said...

hey roop...nice ideas..
yes whisper marketing is a spruced up version of Buzz/ WOM...

and just ordered 'the other side of Bed'... thanks for the it better be good LOL. that's what i like about the world's so bloddy wired and real time...

looks like we are working in sillicon valley :-)

pooR_Planner said...

Manish, I suggest you also watch this movie called, "Roger Dodger."

Any examples of Buzz/WOM in India which has done wonders to the brand?