Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's all in the Jeans!!

It's all in the Jeans. A friend of mine send me this picture from Romania. Quite admirable, I must say.

No wonder Reliance is launching a new brand of jeans in Rs. 199/- price band while our friends at Madura & Arvind are getting more aggressive.

Here's some cool facts about Denims:
- Denim is believed to have originated from a fabric in Nimmes, France (serge de Nimmes means "of Nimmes" - which became Denim). More about denim history here.
- The world jeans market was worth US$ 49bn in 2004 and this figure will rise to US$ 53.2bn by 2012.
- 'Rosie the Riveter' was the first public image of a woman wearing jeans to work.
- Levis made the first jeans specifically cut for women in 1939.
- In 1950, Wrangler made the first Women jeans, a line named 'Jeanies.'
- 5, the number of times women are more likely to splurge on jeans than on dress pants.
- 36% women across the world (US/Europe/Asia/Middle East/Australia) in a recent survey said they prefer medium blue denim while 31% prefers dark blue denim.
- Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Fabric (ganja) is becoming popular and are very comfortable to wear, they 'breathe', they are soft and hardwearing

Some premium labels:
- Paper, Denim & Cloth
- D & G
- Chip & Pepper
- True Religion
- Blue Cult
- Hudson
- Earnest Sewn
- Joe's Jeans
- Jordache Vintage
- Paige Denim
- Citizens of Humanity
- Frankie B
- Nudie
- David Bitton
- Mavi
- Earl Jeans
- Marc by Marc Jacobs
- Salt Works
- 7 for All Mankind

In India, we had a brand called AVIS. It was my first jeans. Wonder what happened to the brand. Do brands which disappear from the scene, come back again as a Cult Brand???

Anyone for "Little Black Dress?"


sabu mangalasserril said...

hahahaha ....

roop i love ur blog..I guess im gonna link it in mine...

keep going...


pooR_Planner said...

Thank you Sabu ... lets all LINK UP ;-)


FiNK said...

hola.. we need diesel and sixty up on the list of famous denim!

Tinzul said...

Just searching for old jeans brands like HARA, Britannica and found your blog...AVIS was my first jeans too...when I was only a year old...Wish it would make a comeback