Saturday, January 27, 2007

Enlighten your mood

Yesterday I went to Harima (Japanese Restaurant/Sushi Bar) for lunch with my parents. Dad is going back to Kolkata, so I decided to take my parents out. My dad's a fish freak like most other bongs. But then I had a motive to choose this particular place for lunch. I wanted to observe his sushi eating experience and reaction. His first reaction,"With Wasabi anything can go." Lol.

In the table next to ours was this woman in veil. I was quiet surprised to see a Muslim lady in a Japanese joint. She was doing something with small light bulbs and explaining it to a gentleman. I became curious when she started arranging those small light bulbs into an abstract shape. I went to her and asking what's it all about. In a sweet tone of voice she said, "I enlighten things." Wow. Indeed you do Lady.

Meet the beautiful, Miss Zareena. She's from Dubai. Come to India to exhibit her work "Light Arts." She is an artist cum entrepreneur who works with glass and light. All kinds of glass. All kind of lights. All hue of lights. The room is her canvas and she can transform it within hours through her work of art. She went on to explain me her work. How light plays an important role at workplace, at home, at social gatherings etc. etc. Interesting and insightful conversation. She showed me photographs of her exhibition on her laptop and allowed me to take her picture (which I have put up with her permission.) One of her work is truly fascinating. Called 'Neonile,' it is an arrangement of many medium size neon tube on a huge wall. River Nile was painted beautifully on the tubes where the wave gently ripples when the tubes are 'switched-on' in certain order. Another work that is liked was a cluster of 60W bulbs, painted red, stuck together which looks like a bud. She calls it, 'Blud'. The best part, when the bulbs are switched on, the bud blooms into a flower.

I left my parents to their table and spend almost an hour chatting with her. Amazingly gutsy woman who had to break-away from her in-laws and make a career on her own. And now she is looking forward to expand her light boutique to different places. She plans to get her website done and start writing about her work and her life. I said I might come handy in getting her website done, she invited me to visit her exhibition to see her work of arts.

I'm going to spend my entire day today at her exhibition and see how she does these amazing things. Btw, the latest issue of Economist has a great article on how colour builds language and language builds colour.(You need an id to logging. If not, I can mail you the text.)

Happy Republic Day.

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