Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Freeze kiya jaye, Compaqda

SRK’s first KBC episode is over and am sure entire India (okay few million atleast) must have been glued to their TV screen watching the Badshah doing his comical stuff. I understand SRK has is under tremendous pressure to excel Big B. But in the bargain he ended up taking the tone of voice and posture of Senior AB. Originality zilch. Few occasional cheap jokes and cool sounding phrases, SRK got nothing more to offer. And I guess other episodes won’t be any different, though it’s too premature for me to comment.

‘Lock kiya jaye’ has become ‘Freeze kiya jaye.’ Hug is the new body language for saying alvida (goodbye). Lenovo is changed to Compaq. Videocon and Santro are the main sponsors. Therefore more SRK during ad breaks.

But did you guys notice one thing which I did?

The winning amount cheque that he is signing belongs to Union Bank of India. Now isn’t that a little mismatch given the fact that SRK is the new brand ambassador of ICICI bank.

Freeze kiya jaye Compaqda?


Manish said...

on this one, do not agree at all. I am a SRK fan and I wasn't disappointed at all. Loved him, music video, humour, ada and all LOL

i think he was true to himself! (all style no acting but no pretence as well).

in the age where celebs are part of the community, the hug makes him more accessible( its actually a jhappi!).

On originality - KBC is a borrowed and heavily templated concept, little room for deviation. In an atmosphere where the critics, AB fans are all out to take his ass, he better stick to the AB benchmark.

AB is a legend, SRK is the King of bollywood and that should be left at that...:-)

Yes Union Bank of India was a surprise...Maybe Star was asking for too high a price and actually ICICI don't need that no more!

Pallavi said...

Even I am a SRK fan but I completely agree with Roop. The gestures and postures seems to be copied from Big B. I could see tremendous pressure on his face. When the teasers and promos for KBC started – “Kuch Sawal Zindagi Badal Sakte Hain” it made us felt that “Kuch takkar ka aa raha hai” but it turned out to be a disappointment. I really appreciate SRK for the challenge he took but there was something missing……….

I feel that conventional words “Computerjee” and “Lock kiya jai” were accepted and loved by all the viewers of KBC and “Mr. Computer” and “Freeze Kiya Jai” will not be able to take that place.

For contestants half the battle was won when they used to sit in front of Big B. It was like kuch nahi mila to kya atleast I met big B. And who can forget that heartbreaking line “Main Amitabh Bachchan Bol Raha Hoon, Kaun Banega Cororepati Se” we could feel the shock listener used to get.

Thanks to God, that ICICI was not roped in, else to see all SRK ads everyday in that 5 mins break which comes atleast 7 times during the show would have been a pain.

I don’t think Star can create that aura again with this show. The show will get popular bcoz of the content and ofcource the prize money but will fail to break records…….

Best of luck to SRK, KBC & STAR Entertainment

pooR_Planner said...

Yes, Pallavi, I don't think KBC can emit that aura ever again. Though TRP's will be high but I still don't know how enjoyable the show will be. Time will tell. Star's bid to connect with the youth may be a good move, but I haven't seen much youth centric promotion of KBC before the launch of the program. Agree with Manish that they cannot do much with the format of the show, but am sure SRK could have done much more. But the show must go on and all the best to KBC.

Dhivya said...

I second the opinion, he was cold and contrived. The show must have gotten a whopping TRP, with so much hype crated around SRK hosting the show.

When he spoke proper hindi just to prove a point. It looked like he was making a complete mockery of Big B.

The contestant was definitely lucky he got to meet two really big celebrities.

Union Bank was a surprise, I was shocked the bank could pay the obscene amount star plus would have quote. Well Brands go any length to have King Khan in their kitty.

gururanganathan said...

roop i have a doubt?? king khan being the endoser of ICICI signing in cheque for UTI..wouldn't that affect ICICI as a brand as such?? it looks like same person endorsing for two banks!! wont it create a confusion??.. though it is an intelligent move by mudra,do we call this as advertising arrogance??

sabu mangalasserril said...

roop..guru... isnt it amazing that we are all discussing it..? why should we compare an apple with an orange... the elegance of BIG B is gone no doubt but the whole show has become "so common man like"..ISNT IT?....THE AAP's have given way to TUM's and there is more fun there..im sure SRK will shine..im no fan of his and so not blind by adoration.. stilll.. the bank cheque factor remains elusive for me...may be roop can help...