Monday, January 08, 2007

Just the beginning

Steve Jobs is expected to deliver his annual keynote today in the Macworld Conference at SF. Apple has a new teaser, already up in it's website. "Welcoming 2007," says a half Apple, "First 30 years were just the beginning." Err...are we missing out something here?

Rumor buzz has been in high gear. What will Apple do, launch a new cell phone or unveil a new iPod thoroughly optimized for video playback, new Macs, new softwares? Apple, in typical fashion, isn't saying a word instead allowing the buzz to gain momentum.

Whatever it is, keep your eyes open, Mac definitely has something up its sleeves. Question is what'll Steve unveil now?

While we wait for Steve's announcement, here's the new ad of iPod Shuffle. Enjoy.

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