Friday, January 12, 2007

Tagged in blogosphere

I've been tagged by Blaiq in his last post. The basic rule of this tagging game says that I need to tell my readers 5 things about myself which they don't know yet. Five things which were a closely guarded secret until now.

1. I'm good at clay modeling and painting (both water colour and oil in canvas)
2. I've written two full length feature film script but unfortunately I couldn't sell it to any producer.
3. I used to play saxophone and harmonica in my school band, I run out of breath pretty fast now. I am part of a underground folk-rock band in Bangalore called 'U2pia' and write lyrics at times.
4. I became the second runner-up, twice, in The Telegraph Chess Championship held at Kolkata in the under 17 category.
5. I'm a biker, I get out of the city whenever I've the time with my dog Choco, who is trained to sit on my bike.

The later part of the game is much more tricky. I've to tag five more bloggers. Hmmm...okay I tag Avinash (aka Ubermaniam), Raghu of Why Disbelieve, Kapil and his korner, Gururanganathan and how he rulz rock, and Dhivya S.


Kapil said...

I'll post my bit over the weekend. BTW, you got my old blog link in there. Updated address is:

pooR_Planner said...

Thanks Kapil. Will check out your new site.

blaiq said...

Now I know what to do when we do have our coffee morning. Get my chess board along :)

About your scripts, have you tried It's a site run by Kevin Spacey where you can post your movie scripts. And I am sure there are plenty of other places like that. I'd love to read them myself too.

And thanks for playing tag :)

pooR_Planner said...

Hey IQ, I was seriously looking for a Chess partner from a long time. Let's gang up. Its the best way to enhance one's thinking ability. Infact, I thought I'll start a Chess Club at Koramangala with few common friends.

Well, as for my script never ever thought of reaching Hollywood ... lol...thanks for the information. But its an India centric script developed over a period of time. Let's meet up sometime, I guess we have lot to share among us.

blaiq said...

We'll catch up soon. Am currently busy on a project which should be done in a couple of weeks at the most. Will call you after that.

pooR_Planner said...

That would be great.

gururanganathan said...

hi roop,

hope u recognise me!!! if not(lemme give a clue) i did my intern in tbwa!! ur blog is really cool i enjoy reading it!!! iam a management graduate aspiring to be in the field of media.

guess we should meet up so that i can learn as well as keep my passion up...after all iam a greenhorn in this field!!

u have left one more thing about you!!!! u own a hotel called "hungry buddha" in kormangala......hope iam rite!!!

anywayz kudos to ur talents man!!!!!!

Kapil said...

I've done my bit. Read here