Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mark of a man

This is front page picture on today's DNA. A promotion of Gillette in Dubai. Federer, Henry & Woods were using Gillette Foam and Razor to shave clean. Wow. Three top-notch celebrity sports person doing a shaving stint in front of the public. Great promotion idea. Simple. To the point. End result high recall.

Now here's my promotion idea - In India, we still have the concept of 'Eetalian' Salon (Road side barber sitting on a brick with a small mirror doing shaving and hair cuts). Why not gather all the Eetalian Barbers in a particular city together and get them to do a branded act. For which brand? Ofcourse, Godrej Shaving Cream and Wilkinson Blades. Isn't it, still the most preferred 'Eetalian' brand?

Like the idea?


Kapil said...

Since you asked a few thoughts of mine:

A. Toda copy-cat ho jayega. Let's try to innovate something better.

B. Even if we take the idea forward, lets evaluate the excitement. How exciting will it be to see road-side barbers assembled? The attraction factor is going to be very LOW, although the innovation or clutter breaking will be high.

pooR_Planner said...

So what's your idea? Shoot if you have something better.

Second, if clutter breaking is high don't understand why the attraction factor be low. Clarify. Imagine some 50 barbers sitting in a row shaving 50 people wearing Godrej Tee and Cap near Phoenix Mall? Will you still say crowd pulling is low?