Friday, March 16, 2007

ARCB Media Inc.

Rusta Media is a wonderful example of interactive communication. T0 sell media space and time for SABC Channels in South Africa during ICC World Cup, Tequila\Johannesburg created this website.

Interesting is the way Rusta Media shows coconut branding, roaming goat branding, restaurant branding, beach imprints and umbrella branding. Well they ain't selling any of those expect their Radio and TV though but as you know inspiration can come from anywhere.

My inspiration: Abandoned Roaming Cow Branding in India (we have millions of them, don't we?) As long as I take good care of them, I don't think CUPA or PeTA will come running behind my arse. ARCB Media Inc. is the name of my new project. Any Vulture Capitalist interested?

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