Thursday, March 01, 2007

Law on Open Minds

It's been a busy week for me. First a meeting in Mumbai and once back got cold. At the Mumbai airport I bought this book. My flight was delayed by 30 mins, so I managed to complete the first 20 pages sitting in the lounge.

Open Minds by Andy Law is truly an inspiring book. More so because I work in TBWA and how Andy Law denied to merge with TBWA. How he negotiated with Fred, how he created St. Luke's, the team and the works, it's breathe taking. This is a must read book. Provides food for thought on people management, negotiation with tough bigges and how to build something which you strongly believe in.

Grab your copy.


Kapil said...

Phew! that's one more book added to my wish list. This list is getting longer - I better visit crossword soon.

please tell us more after you read more.

pooR_Planner said...

Kapil, my list is growing day by day too. I think I should take reading holidays/breaks once a month. Isn't that a good idea?

Hey what about book swapping? I read a book and exchange if for a book that you have read? In that way we can all get to read several books. All we need to do is spend some dough on snail mail service.
what do you think?

Kapil said...

You know I've been telling my wife that our next holiday should be a reading holiday. where we can go relax and read plenty. No hectic sight-seeing and tourist buses to catch. it would be so much fun!

Book exchange is interesting, i've trying to check online if there was any such exchange scheme. Let us spend a little time and put down a list of books we have for exchange. We share the lists and then we can decide what we need from each other.

let's do this!