Thursday, March 29, 2007

Talent crunch no more

Today, I surfed Youtube the entire day. Was worth spending time with few thought provoking videos. The video below is a commercial for and I must say it's a great piece of work.

Strategically speaking are job sites and consultants only about finding the right job to the right candidate or vice versa? Shouldn't they also partner with schools, colleges, corporates in creating and grooming more talents to meet the demand?

I feel its we, the people within the industry are to be blamed. Anyway, that's a different story all together. Can we try and make advertising a better place to be? Comments anyone?


Kapil said...

Of course advertising is fun!

Check this out: Life in Advertising

pooR_Planner said...

Hey I saw that before, don't remember where. sure it reflects what we do as bunch of people sitting at corner offices on the fourth floor of a tall tower.

Suggest some ways in which we can reduce this dearth of talent.