Thursday, April 26, 2007


The 'King of Good Times' is really having a good time. Kingfisher Airlines launched a new guerrilla campaign in Mumbai mocking Jet Airways. Overnight, this new billboard was placed above the Jet Airways billboard at a prominent location in Mumbai.

MC Saatchi, what's your reply?


Anonymous said...

such comments make people just smile & nothin else.... I heard "GO Air" has also kept one more banner above KFA...

Ad of GO Air is :
"We have not changed... We are still the smartest way to fly" I liked this ad rather KFA one.


pooR_Planner said...

That's the whole point in doing these kind of work, get noticed and make people smile.

Well Anonymous, can mail me a jpeg of the Go Air ad?

Kapil said...

Like Manish says: This is going to be another round of cola type wars

Anonymous said...

Knowing jet , they are a far more mature product and Kingfisher just seems to be a small boy trying to throw pebbles into a pool , in fact i would say Jet should thank these fellas for doing half the publicity for them by talking and highlighting them in they corporate ads etc , the airline business is not cola type and the consumer just sees this as a free entertainment , i wonder why kingfisher is so paranoid about Jet !

Reshma Anand said...

I tend to agree with the anonymous commenter - these reactionary measures though entertaining at the core of it all show a certain lack of security - It would be interesting to see whether Jet reacts...I anticipate not !

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this pics is even true & not a work done in
Photoshop or some software
. I mean, everyone is talking of this adv., but no
one has actually seen it on any road... & now the new rumor adding to this that
even GO AIR has added a banner above kingfisher... & again no one has
actually seen this, only heard !!
& all are believing this!!? How can u
believe all u hear Or even worse How can u believe all u read on internet
??! What is the authenticity?? one such example of internet crap
making rounds is the one that says that the mineral water plastic bottles like 'bislery'
etc., should not be reused as it may cause cancer & these bottles have
some numbers written below them- if the no. is between 1 & 5, then the bottles
are unsafe !!! what BULLSHIT ! what @#$%^!&* !! most of the mineral water
bolltes have no.'1' written below them
.. so does this mean they are unsafe
to reuse??? See the best quality water storing bottle in the market (pearlpet,
etc.) & guess what no. is written below them --- its no. '1'. & I wonder that
reading such a crapy forward how many people have thrown away their no.'1'
bottles, only to go out & again buy same quality no.'1' bottles
!!! wonder
which ass**** is spreading such rumors & we believe them without even
verifying the authenticity !!!