Sunday, April 08, 2007

Making life easy

Commute Easy is making news for all the good reasons. It's a collective effort to ease commuting to office. Started by a young entrepreneur, Commute Easy is redefining the old concept of Car Pooling. Started at Bangalore and slowly moving to cities like Pune and Mumbai.

Why Commute Easy is a great business concept:
1. Builds a community
2. Forces (though willingly) people to share and care
3. Helps in easing traffic congestion in cities like Bangalore which suffers from basic road infrastructure
4. Creating the right buzz among fellow office-goers

I previously wrote about this and Wassif is on his way to create a niche for himself. I'm looking for other good examples of innovative business/business ideas/entrepreneur doing the right things in India. Share one if you have any.


Kapil said...

pooR_Planner said...

Good example. Any other? Little more original or innovative? Hmmm, how about Just Dial Services?