Friday, January 12, 2007

A novel canine idea

This guy, Wasiff Khan is giving sleepless night to companies like Pedigree, Eukanuba, Purina and others a run for their money, well, at least in Mumbai city. He has already made news with NDTV covering him for his novel idea - 'Dabbas for man's best friend.' Home delivery of freshly prepared cooked dog food. A graduate who didn't know what to make of his career is now running a flourishing business in the heart of Mumbai city. His clients include top Bollywood stars and industrialists. He offers customised food as per the wish of the owner and charges anywhere between Rs. 30 - 120 depending on the menu. His future plans include cookies, cakes and cat foods as a part of his product extension.

Watch out for this guy. Single handedly Wassif has taken up the task of giving big established pet food brands a run. And with more celebrities joining his list as clients, Wassif surely knows how to bark a success story. Woof!

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