Friday, April 13, 2007

On a bike trail

15:35: Watching Ten Sports, ‘Road to Beijing – Olympics 2008’ the bike event caught eyes. Thumb stop at the CH+ button.

15:37: Blink Blink Blink Blink

15:39: “Goddamn’ that’s it thats @#$#in’ it. Yippy, I’knw what me saying?”

15.40: What if? Brand X makes the first move? For 90 days? In any one relevant TG market. Is there any marked difference? What you saying man? Well well, how do you know that? “They’ve seriously taken to the sports. They’re practicing. Infact they have transformed into small groups. Hang around together. Trying out bike stunts, wheelie, free fall, twist, double twist etc. etc. Believe me boss, I saw it happening over these last three months.” “You got any pics? Footage?” “Yes, boss every bit of it.” Great! Send them over to me. Now!!

15.45: Snnnnnooorrrrrrr….ooorrrrrrrrr…..nnnnooooorrrr

I don’t remember a word once I got out of bed. A hot summer afternoon nap is truly energizing. Anyway. That thirty minute footage gave me some food for thought about a shrinking category. Bi-cycle has lost all its appeal. And you all know to whom they have lost it all.

How to bring back the appeal - an obvious question I asked to myself.
Make it eco-friendly – who cares
Make it a fitness tool – f@#$ cares
Make it a kid’s dream machine – are you kidding me

Cricket, as you all know is sinking. Hockey is limping. Tennis is pimping. Soccer, kabadi, badminton, athlete have turned into dumplings. New is India. New is the Generation. Why not new avatars of an old sport - Cycling???

Image via this.

Cycling clubs, professional training in cycling, build cycling velodromes, create state level, national bikers, sports events and competitions, send talented potential young ones to Asian Games, Olympics. Kartikeyan is the face of Indian Motor Sports; why not make Master Sandeep Srivastav (aged 14 yrs from Hubli) the face of Indian Cycling Sports? Huge opportunity for BSA and Hero Cycles, isn’t it? Somewhere you need to take that responsibility.

If you are stuck with your brand in a shrinking category like this and do want to create a real success story for your brand, contact me ;-)

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