Friday, June 22, 2007

Men are back

This is definitely a male marketing strategy. Suddenly all the retail shelves are alive with male range of skin care products. Switch on your TV and they pop up too. Indian male or shall I say the metrosexual (sometime the homosexuals too) men have started taking their skin very seriously.

Personal care companies are targeting Indian men as rising incomes allow them to buy more deodorants and shaving gels, adopting the metrosexual look popularized by Bollywood actors. Spending on men's grooming products is expected to rise 24 percent to 14.5 billion rupees, or $320 million, in the next five years, Euromonitor International forecasts. Emami, which makes beauty and health care products, developed its whitening cream for men because surveys showed they were consuming 30 percent of the women's version, ha!

"Everyone wants to be fair," and "To be fair is not just to be beautiful, but to be moving up the caste hierarchy" said Mr. Jayashankar, a professor with Tata Institute of Social Science. Since suntanned skin was associated with untouchables suddenly dark skinned men and especially those living in south wants a fair skin.

I've a serious task in hand at the moment. Make (oops rather force) all fat, dark, south-Indian males to use Skin Whitening Cream. Anybody got any decent communication idea that will help turn dark-male-arse-skins, White??? If you do have, please please do share with me, I promise to buy you a beer.


Anonymous said...

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Zachari said...

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