Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Morality, Hush or Creativity?

Will you also draw the thin line of hush and morality here? Advertising's job is to make the brand famous. In the most creative manner. Amul Macho did exactly that. Moreover, I'm posting in my blog and people talking about it itself gives the brand more mileage. PR value increases. The brand benefits.

Anyway, I'm nothing but pixels at the moment and Delhi is hot. But do send me your comments.

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Arvind said...

hi roops...

there s only one ans for ur question.. "Perception" differs... for u it may be creative idea to make ur brand famous, but for normal ppl it may be an issue of morality. common ppl still dont feel good abt such kind of ads. Still brands sells.. thats the magic of such ads.. so keep going yar..