Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The road to Electronic City

It's a 30 km stretch from Hosur Road- Koramangala junction to Electronic City in Hosur at Bangalore. On the way you'll come across several billboards of big Indian IT companies proudly announcing what they do, what they stand for, mission statements, vision etc etc.

A closer look and you'll find this big, bold statements in every piece of billboard:
(Logo) Creating Innovative Solutions
(Logo) Experience the Difference
(Logo) Creating Value
(Logo) Enriching Lives
(Logo) Enhancing Values
(Logo) Empowering People
(Logo) Discover Passion
(Logo) Experience the Exotic

Probably they are doing so, probably they are not. But what I fail to understand, do this two word- three word statements make your company unique? Do people really see value in it? Are young software techie's enamored by these thoughts? Or is it a "Just do it" - "Impossible is nothing" phenomenon that's being Indianised. Or is it another hygiene factor for the Corporate Communication team at work?

Every company is creates or enhances value, every company empowers people, every company aims at enriching lives, every company tries to create innovative solutions. So where the bloody difference?

"Think different" you guys and gurls inside your air-conditioned glass buildings. The architectural design of your building says more than your billboards. Do create value but do it with conviction. Do it creatively.

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