Friday, June 15, 2007

Sounds Familiar

The forewords from the 1st edition of ‘Superbrands’ Book in India by Anmol Dar – Chairman, Superbrands Council.

“Most of us go through life in a kind of a motor automated trance. We do things by rote and reach out for objects by instinct. Instinct in everyday life is nothing more than familiarity with our surroundings and comfort with things. But if we, each day, come face to face with unfamiliar things, we’d probably go through life in fits and starts.

A brand brings sanity to everyday life.

In the morning we want a familiar brand of tea. We brush with a familiar toothbrush and use familiar tasting toothpaste. The shaving gel is familiar so is the tang of the after shave. The soap we use has a familiar smell. The breakfast has the familiar cereal and the milk has a familiar consistent taste. And so through the day we reach out for the familiar.

In a familiar departmental store we go to familiar sections and shop for familiar brands. When a new one appears in the racks we stop and look at it closely. Often, we postpone the decision to try – for another day, another time.When a brand embeds itself into our lives and we are willing to go to the nest shop to look for it, we are no longer looking for a brand. We are searching for a Superbrand. By definition, ‘A Superbrand offers consumers significant emotional and/or physical advantages over its competitors which (consciously or subconsciously) consumers want, recognize and are willing to pay a premium for.'

A Superbrand cannot be substituted. It is part of our life. It has become one with us.”

Truly inspiring.

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