Sunday, September 09, 2007

Brand not Bland

A friend of mine has this unusual habit rather hobby of collecting airlines Check-in tags. Those small tags that you tie in your hand bag with a rubber seal on them; Yes, I mean those. Interesting isn't it? And he has been doing these for ages.

Anyway, the point that am trying to make here is how every single touch point helps in building a brand. On the left is a tag from Qantas which say things that are important and on the right is a similar tag from Virgin which makes the same point quiet distinctively. Which one do you like?

Brands need to engage consumers. Don't we all know it? But not many brands think that way. Marketing 2.0 is how to surprise not repetition. Marketing 2.0 is not giving information but the experience.

Marketing 2.0 is about I & E. I stands for ideas, imagination, intuition, insight, inspiration. And E stands for empathy, enchantment, excitement, edge and emotion. If it's Bland it's not a Brand.


Mansi Trivedi said...

I collect cool clothing tags..some are really artsy and then i use them as bookmarks... :)

pooR_Planner said...

I used to collect Cigarette Packs from all over. ;-)