Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Co-Marketing - The new mantra

The industry is heading in the right direction. Here I mentioned how co-marketing can redefine marketing in India, if only our noble marketers did some serious thinking. With so many good examples floating around I can't help but think optimistically about the future of co-marketing in India.

If you thought LG & Prada's KE850 was an object of true desire then Ladies and Gentlemen, hold your breath. Bang & Olufsen has joined hands with Samsung to bring the ultimate music phone of the year. The Serenata. The website says "Two icons of excellence come together in Serenata, a music player and a mobile phone in one. It's high quality on a higher level, with the advanced acoustics, interface experience and design ingenuity of Bang & Olufsen combined with the intelligent mobile phone engineering of Samsung."

To take the Serenata, a step forward, B&O and Samsung has roped in ECM Records (I'm a big fan of Jan Garbarek whom they launched in the early days) to provide some pleasing music to the ears. Now this is what I call 'Innovative Thinking.' Co-creating meaningful products by sharing each others strength and expertise. And then marketing it together.

This is a bigger Marketing Ideal. It is about understanding the need and then finding a right partner to develop the right product for the right audience. I'm looking forward to some more examples of co-marketing and co-creation. So with the new year approaching us, can we expect to see some innovative marketing from India Inc.? Or is it we will still look at west, read their case studies and try to follow their foot steps? Co-marketing according to me has huge potential in India. The recent "Diamond Bride" commercial on air is decent example, unfortunately its only an advertising idea. Not a big marketing ideal. Will there be a change in the 2008 marketing mantra? Let's keep our mind open. We might just strike gold. And many thanks Harshal for sharing the link with me. Keep sending more examples like this.

Update: Here is another exciting news. Media join hands with Airline to provide in-flight magazine. Exciting times ahead.



Mansi Trivedi said...


Here's another example of a marriage of two great brands...a perfect fit...

pooR_Planner said...

This is a great example. Thanks. Indeed Co-marketing is catching up in your part of the world. And why not. It is the way forward for the future. The combined strength of two marketers in co-creating objects of desire makes more sense in a world where most products remain undifferentiated will be the next step. And indeed it is happening. Though it is mostly restricted to techno-gadgets, soon other categories like FMCG will catch up. Keep sending more examples. Cheers.

Mansi Trivedi said...


here's another! Its an awesome idea!