Friday, December 07, 2007

GaS examples

As I mentioned previously, I'm working on this non-sense theory of Brand GaS. Gloss and Sign to be precise. Brand Efficacy and Image to be more precise. Brand GaS is not just plain vanilla product shot towards the end but efficacy that help build a stronger brand connect. Brand GaS are small talk points that connects with consumers easily.

Parachute is a one such brand that is applying Brand GaS very effectively in recent times. I'm speaking about the much published "1 Hour Champi." A simple property they managed to create and see how it is coming handy in communicating the brands core benefit. The best part, they haven't restricted themselves only to the the product window. A new product has been developed - The Champi Massager. Now that's brilliant thinking. So send me similar examples if you do come across.

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Spiritualmanager said...

Now Brand GaS is no nonsense. It makes me feel so nostalgic. Parachute indeed is a justified example. Champi was a concept which added GaS to the brand, made it free from the clutter and fly free and high like a Zeppelin.