Thursday, December 20, 2007

How clients are going mobile

I wrote about the future potential of Mobile Advertising in India. The beautiful Mansi Trivedi send me some brilliant examples, which I think you should know about. Thanks Mansi.

The Regeneration from Virgin Mobile in partnership with Youthnoise. They created a text message based episode - a story of a football player called Ghost. Something really unique - a mini mobile text sitcom kind of stuff.

Then there's Northwest Airlines experimenting with QR codes in Japan. Well, techno-savvy Japanese have special readers in their mobile phones which might take few more years to hit the Indian market. But the point here is clients like Northwest Airlines are experimenting. It's interesting to find out how clients have started giving importance to interactive channels. In this case Billboard and Mobile integrated together to create a communication platform.

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Remember we are talking something beyond SMS campaigns.

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