Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jazz Masters and Unbelong

Finally got some rest. I guess I needed this rise in temperature with a heavy head and a running nose. Complete bed rest. And after spending 48 hours surfing channels on my Onida set; I found at last, one thing that’s worth mentioning.

Yes, Jazz Masters in association with VH1 sponsored by Black & White. B&W has managed to create a brilliant property for itself. Some thinking has really gone in. B&W is for people who “Unbelong”. People who’re definitely mainstream yet they’re not necessarily from the mainstreet. The alternate seekers… ok… those who drink mixers… eh? Hmm… people who like Jazz with influences of R&B, Pop and Funk. People who Unbelong. ‘Marriage of contradictions, different from the usual,’ as the site mentions. Now that’s real brand connection.

However all my excitement turned in to disappointment when I went through the website they created for these event. It speaks everything about the event but hey I also want to know about your brand. What’s your history - your story from Scotland? Why do you want me to Unbelong, when Johnny’s asking me to keep walking? Now that’s shitty job. Honestly, I will go watch the event, be very happy, tell people about the gig and how Bob James and Earl Klugh improvised and I might even blog about it. But I shall not tell anyone about the B&W brand. What a pity?

Isn't the idea of using event/surrogate to promote the B&W brand?? Don’t get me wrong but half done things as final product really pisses me. Either you do it thoroughly. Or you don’t do at all.

Now here’s a brilliant idea. Free of cost guys. Just make sure you pay me the royalty when you implement it. Ha.

Black and White Terrier owners. Blackie and Whitey. (Someone please find me what breed are those two little cute pups?) B&W should actually promote people with pet terriers. They are people who truly Unbelong. Imagine lots of people in your city heavy petting a pair of black and white terrier. They walk on the streets, in the parks. Living brand icons. Public relation for free. Well you can tie up at dog shows. Give few bottles to the vet to spread the buzz. Even create soft toys of Blackie & Whitey for kids, whose parents drink B&W. Boo.

So next time, please do ensure that you give enough information about your brand because people might just want to know more.

Let’s have it doggy style. Cheers. Woof! Woof!!

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