Friday, February 08, 2008

Scribbles from the Tissue Roll # 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm glad to present you Scribbles from the Tissue Roll. Tissue Rolls is not about wiping your arse in the loo. It's all about quick observations from things that are seen on Indian television channels, read in the newspapers, heard on radio stations, watched on the streets, seen on the retail shelves... It covers almost anything and everything that attracts my eyes. Things that are insignificant in nature but has the potential to make a difference in our lives. Will try to keep it interesting, insightful and fun but I request you to also share your observations on trivial issues that you think are highly eligible for hanging on Tissue Rolls here.

So here goes the first edition:

Parle Musst Bites - One great snacking product from Parle Foods. The product was launched with some good communication which were enjoyable and hilarious to watch. However, little effort has gone to sustain the momentum of the communication. Even lesser effort has gone in to build a holistic brand out of a good product. Well, maybe because of high marketing and media budgets involved in building a brand. Maybe other reasons unknown to us.

Musst Bites is positioned as a snack food too tempting to part with. Fair enough. Now, look at the packaging. The communication says something that doesn't reflect on the packaging. Maybe the packaging was done before the communication strategy was finalised. This are small things that make a huge difference in the brand building exercise. It's not about a Big Idea anymore.
Well, they have some characters at the back of the pack? You see it? Why did they create those characters in the first place? Did they do it to fill the gap? Does it have some other meaning? Or are they meant to sitting static on the pack? Why not use these characters to do something? Hmmm... something as simple as stickers maybe? Or badges? Or caps and t-shirts for kids- your core target audience? Maybe amplify the 'Too Tempting' theme to do some really nail biting cutting edge stuff. Contest. Game Shows. Mobile Games. Short Videos. Sad but true, they don't even have a website mentioned on their packaging either. Grrrrr... the list goes on. These things don't cost you a bomb in an era of social media. What are you waiting for??

Mind you, if you plan to use any of the ideas mentioned here, be decent and kind enough to drop me a mail or pay up the royalties. Ha.

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