Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year

HELLO. HELLO. I am back. Had wonderful time doing whatever I was doing. And finally I have some free time, so I thought I might as well rant about few things:

Tony the tiger, Pug the dog and now Stripey the cub....

HUTCH had a pug. They gave up the Pug to get ZooZoo as VODAFONE. Pug left the market unplugged, "Stripey, the Cub" is filling it up now. Animals have the power to attract indeed people, don't they. Wonder why advertisers don't think about it much. Long back I did write about brands with animal mascots. :)

Anyways. I started thinking, crap like always :) What if:

1. Are we about to see a whole range of animals being adapted by brands now?
2. Did "AIRCEL" get influenced by Shiv Sena's symbol Tiger.
3. Will WWF help sell more mobile phones?
4. How can AIRCEL leverage 'Stripey, the Cub'?
5. What if, AIRTEL adapted "Don, the Donkey" as part of their reaching the destitute (read masses) plans?
6. Does Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have a pet pussy? Will IDEA ever make it their brand mascot?
7. Will DOCOMO ever manage to make our national bird The PeaCock, dance to its tune?

Anyways matter of fact is brands need stories to survive. Animals make wonderful stories. Aircel is doing and applying the classical ways of creating buzz.

However, the bigger story lies in how they are slowly integrating CSR as part of their brand building measures. IDEA from socially responsible to environmentally responsible, now AIRCEL embracing similar activities, AIRTEL taking up INNOVATION FUND. Change takes time but its happening.

Until then.



Darpan Majumdar said...

I think it is a brilliant post and as a comm mgt student I will talk to my friends regarding this. I like the last one DoCoMo and peacock...kindly write more often Roop Sir.

pooR_Planner said...

Hey Darpan. Nice to hear from you. Am sorry for not writing more often. extremely busy and travelling most of the time but I do promise I will start writing more often.

You have fun and keep visiting.