Monday, May 24, 2010

The Economist & why Ogilvy understands them better...

The latest TVC's (via Campaign India) of The Economist made by Ogilvy India is another example of Branded Content. Excellent music, great execution and clear simple message said in the most interesting manner. Ha. This is one agency that gets it right all the time. How?????

Let me see if I can simulate the Strategic Planning effort of the agency and how they are building brand Economist in India. And I can be horribly wrong, might even sound like crap... but what the ...

It is important to know however that somewhere in-between the game plan lies the glue - The the insight, the creative idea, flawless execution, tone of voice, reason to believe ...


The Game Plan (3 yrs plan): The Economist way to enter India
Step 1. Launch The Economist and create awareness - (Print/ press, Outdoor, OOH)
Step 2. Create awareness and generate more subscriptions - (Digital, Activation)
Step 3. Hold back and observe - (Data Analysis, Research Findings, Return on Involvement Measurement)
Step 4. Reach out to a larger audience - (Television, Cinema)
Step 5. Hold back and observe - (Data Analysis, Research & RoIM)
Step 6. Interact with Audience - (Digital, Activation & Events)
Step 7. Dominant Media Vehicle - (Debate Forums, Digital Forums, CRM)

Naah. Can't be so easy.

Anyways but I do believe the issue lies in the tissue.

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