Saturday, September 18, 2010

Intel going all out

Intel - The Sponsors of Tomorrow is buzzing with fresh ideas. Be it their product, marketing or communication. The recent ads of Intel on TV shows how refreshing and entertaining their advertising can be. Some really great communications out there. The best part - Intel Employees are the biggest spokesperson for their company.

But here's the most bizarre marketing I've come across. The new marketing campaign takes a comical twist release of an online video of the world’s largest Intel chime. The Bass Jump video aims to engage with new audiences and demonstrate Intel’s creative and open approach to marketing.

Bass Jump will further build upon the success of Intel’s popular Cannonbells video. Launched in 2009, Cannonbells reached over 1.6 million views globally and showed five Finnish employees being fired out of a cannon at giant wind chimes that mimic the Intel chime. Bass Jump will feature five Romanian Intel employees diving from a rooftop onto inflatable cushions. Each will in turn create gusts of air that trigger a series of comical horn blasts which will replicate the well-known Intel chime sequence.

The campaign highlights the humorous side of the company’s marketing strategy which is often left concealed, and shows Intel in a different light. This is one company to watch out for. They make technology simpler and communication really entertaining by consistently leveraging the strength of their own employees and bring a change in culture.

Wonder when Indian technology companies will start taking lesson from these great examples. Enjoy.

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