Saturday, February 12, 2011

Victory finally

People of Egypt indeed managed to bring down the regime. All started with this video on Youtube. People responded, people came together and bring down the gov.. Viva la Social Media Revolucion. More to come from the region, as experts are predicting.
Anyways, down with the dictators. Am not a political science expert but I do get an idea that social media will play a big future role in hatching mass gatherings for a common cause, one that will actually bring change. Networking online, offline demonstration - will be the delivery model. Though its been happening since the birth of internet but the difference now is people are demanding absolute transparency. Yesterday might as well be remembered in history as the day of Social Media Enlightenment (a modern version of Age of Enlightenment) and more people from that region will aim to achieve the same goals of freedom, breaking free from poverty, exploitation and social security.
Well, I don't know how democracy will take shape in Egypt but young people has managed to pull it off without much bloodshed and they used technology and social networking to their utmost advantage, against which the govt didn't have a chance. These lessons are applicable to brands and companies too. I want to see what happens to Yemen in particular.

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