Monday, March 28, 2011

Account Planning School of the Web - Cultural Strategy

Northern Planner Andrew H, has a very interesting project up for grabs. All you budding planners, do read the brief and am sure you will find it interesting too. Account Planning School for the Web is one of the most challenging thinking exercise for all planners. In the past I've taken part in several assignments and my work got assessed by great planners like Russell Davies, Gareth Kay, Rob Campbell. Understanding the underlying cultural tensions, the cultural differences or cultural nuances that binds people in society often becomes the most powerful tool for creating an effective brand strategy. Especially so when you live in India. And here's a great assignment which does exactly the same. Infact I'm thinking of participating this time too provided I can take out time between my relocation, moving house and taking up new challenges of the new job.

Give it a try. Do participate, doesn't matter whether you win or not. Atleast you'll get your work/thinking reviewed by great minds. And you'll make new friends. All the best. Cheers.

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