Thursday, March 10, 2011

MIT - The Dynamic Logo Design

Am sure you heard of Dynamic design solutions. Plenty of examples floating around on the internet. The core principles of design combined with different shapes that revolves around flexibility and movements to create different permutation and combination in a nutshell. Though I'm not an expert in Dynamic Design but the new Pepsi logo evolved from the same principle.

The new MIT Media Lab's Logo is a brilliant example of this new emerging principle called Dynamic Design. "MIT Media Lab tapped Brooklyn-based designers (and erstwhile Media Lab rats) E Roon Kang and Richard The to dream up a fresh visual identity. The result is pure, unadulterated Media Lab: an algorithmic logo that generates a sui generis image for each of the Lab’s sui generis brains." For the first time algorithmic logo that generates 40000 in 12 different colour combinations, providing MIT Media lab an estimated 25 years of personalized business cards. Whaooo.

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