Friday, April 01, 2011

Why formulaic ads don't cut ice anymore.

Now we all know that the ad world is filled with cliches. Cliches in strategy, usp, proposition, execution.. long list. but this is heights. JWT India created a good ad for Kitkat, I mean the squirrel one. It's good because it had some insight and proposition that strongly connects with brand KitKat - Take a Break from your work to see/observe and enjoy the finer things of life. To the point. Clutter breaking execution. Refreshing communication and fun to watch.
But they just had to spoil an opportunity with Nestea by blindly copying the same formula. Animals, animation, an old remixed Bollywood number. No insight, no observation, not refreshing at all and definitely not funny.
I don't know why but this is a good example of being lazy. Oh the client already bought the previous execution idea, so let's do something similar again and it will click. It might click with the brand manager but surely not with the consumers.

Opportunity lost. Amen.

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