Saturday, January 13, 2007

Experience is everything

W+K was given the task to revive, 'My-daddy-uses Old Spice.' The agencies answer to freshen the stodgy image of Old Spice male grooming products is this.

"Experience is everything" campaign will take a cheeky look at modern masculinity as it seeks to extol the virtues of Old Spice as a brand family. Old Spice was losing out to Axe which banks on Sex Appeal.

Research aimed at the target consumer found something unexpected: the Old Spice brand’s legacy was a benefit rather than a burden. The reason was that younger consumers tend to seek out venerable products they perceive as cool because they are authentic; examples include Converse sneakers and Lee jeans. “Previous generations loved Old Spice and had a more emotional attachment to it.” "You can either be authentic or trendy and they have had to invent a personality." To underscore authenticity for Old Spice, the campaign gives a prominent role to the brand’s original trappings and trade dress, including the cursive script logo, the clipper ship from the fragrance bottles and the vintage whistled commercial jingle.

The theme of “Experience is everything” is meant to convey “that with our heritage and history, Old Spice is uniquely positioned to get you that experience.

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