Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goafest # 1 - Sorry

Clouds above Goa as seen from Flight IC919
I am extremely sorry about the live update thing. And I am truly disappointed with Reliance DataCard service. The promise of Internet - Anytime, Anywhere is false. For the last two days, I've been trying to connect from my hotel room to update you people on what's going on. Unfortunately, it was not working, leaving me kinda frustrated.

On the way to the Goafest Venue
Well, I've somehow managed to connect now, using the hotel's system admin's comp and here you goes things live. Oops, the highlights. Lots of pretty pics, just for you. Visit My Flickr.

The Entrance - Goafest 2007
I'm trying to rectify the my internet problem. Hopefully, you'll see more post and interesting notes about the fest, speakers, entries, people and parties. But that'll be today evening, once I reach Bangalore. So please bear with me and hang on.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)