Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goafest #2 - The Trevor Tremor

He came, he saw and he thrashed it all. Trevor Beattie of BMB was the star attraction of Goafest. Known for his fiery work and firepower words, Trevor in his true style thrashed the shit outta Indian advertising.

"Those who creates scam ads are nothing but cheaters. They cheat the client, they cheat the consumer and they cheat themselves," said Beattie. He criticized the work put up at the gallery next to the seminar section. And very true he was with his observation, 90% of the work entered were scam ads. And how much I liked him say that in a clear and loud voice.

The four important points that he made and I hope the Godfathers of our industry heard what he said:
1. Do Care - "Care for the idea, care for the client, care for the consumer and care about yourself. Doesn't matter whose baby it ('Baby' is his favorite advertising cliche) , if it's a baby, do care for it."

2. Scam Ads - "Makers of Scam ads are cheaters. Period. "

3. Commerce not Art - "Advertising is COMMERCE not ART. So let's be clear and make sure we do a good commerce out of advertising. "

4. Big Idea - "There are only two big ideas that I've come across in my life, the making of the Universe and Space Tourism. So there is no point searching for a big idea. What we can do in return is create a whole bunch of small ideas and present it to the client." (Faris, he is talking about Transmedia Planning here?)

The last point that Trevor made by giving the example of work done Thirasak of Creative Juice\G1, Thailand, "The time for Asian advertising is NOW. Be true to your Indian culture, ethics and values. Don't try to copy western culture or adopt western values in your advertising. The marketing fort in west is already shivering, so guys make the best of it NOW. "

Guys gear up and stop scam ads.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)