Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Window Shopaholic

100 Ft Road in Indiranagar at Bangalore. The way to my office. And below pictures are the brand new Brand Flagship Stores that I pass every morning and evening. Total transformation of an entire road, a locality into a bright and a busy shopping destination. In just one year. Real estate value has sky rocketed. And these lovely looking Flagship stores are just another reason for so. Glass windows, open store fronts, bright brand colours and excellent signage materials. A world class shopping experience for all.
On the other hand, a bit confusing. Which brand to buy? Which shop to enter? Wondering if these Flagship stores are only to showcase the best architecture, brand offerings and attract only Window Shoppers? My question to you all. What is the basic difference between a shopper behaviour and a consumer behaviour? While walking down this street, how different will be a consumer's reaction vis a vis a shopper's reaction?


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