Saturday, May 12, 2007


Our local, neighborhood vegetable 'thelawala.' The poor innocent man doesn't know much about marketing. He goes to 'mandi' early every morning, buys his stock, pays cash upfront, and then pushes his cart in our neighborhood shouting and screaming to sell the stocks. Dadi, maaji, auntiji, behenji and all the other ji's of the mohalla gathers around him; buys what they need for their house, bargains on the bhao and finally settles for 1 kg onion, 2 kg potato and 1 cauliflower.

Am sure you must have seen it all. Reliance Fresh is talking about innovative marketing. Now honestly, I haven't noticed anything innovative in their marketing approach. Wonder why haven't they thought of bringing our Thelawala's under their fold? Probably they never gave it a thought. Or they don't share my vision.

Anyway, wouldn't it be great if these poor souls were given a nicely decorated and branded Reliance Fresh push cart. A nice Tshirt and a cap. Allowed to sell veggies at a same price of Reliance Fresh. Finally a little more margin to live a better life. Last but not least, a little training about 'How to be Fresh?' Well, let's not talk about the visibility and equity that Reliance can create by taking such a small step. Cause Marketing is all about identifying a genuine cause.

Reliance Fresh - Now that I've identified a cause for you, go and champion it for gawd's sake.

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Arvind said...

hi roops,

Nice idea dude. i think it ll work and great opportunity to grap the market with some innovation before intense competition from gaints in the world.