Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekly Issue #2 - Participation

This week's issue is very simple. Is the educated, urban Indian too shy to participate in group activities? Do we Indians often lack the basic ability to work in groups? Is the new emerging young Indian too individualistic in his/her approach and outlook?

Inspired by The John Grant. Things you should do with immediate effect. The only way to add value to your client's business.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
Samuel Beckett

Looking forward to your comments.


Arvind said...

hi roop,

First of all congratulate for this initiative. Indians r not shy. first of all we shd rem our freedom struggle. we did it as ur group work only.

if u take present youth i agree with u, some wht individualistic bcoz of their work load, no time for social activities, not to involve in any political grivances etc.. this wht happening today in youth life. so they r away from all the social activities. But, still some of the young people r doing some thing to this society but at the diminishing rate than before.

pooR_Planner said...

Thanks Arvind. You are the first one to voice an opinion. Suggestion - ask all your blogger/net savvy friends to log in here and send your comments. Is it really work load or is it a general apathy to group effort? I'm really interested to know more about it. And am sure you can get your friends to comment on the same.


Aparna said...

hi roop!

I think 'the dog eats dog world' phrase is finally catching up with this generation. They presume that the big bad world is out to get you and ur on your own to succeed, while you got lots of people to help pull you down. Hence,even a genuine need or mention of teamwork, draws out hesitation, discomfort and scepticism amongst today's youth. they would much rather do it their way and fail rather than involve themselves in teamwork and fail. Atleast that way they have only themselves to blame. i think its more of a lack of trust in their colleauges and teammates that makes them uncomfortable irrespective of whether its justified or not. The reason behind trust issues is a whole other story.

pooR_Planner said...

Hi Aparna,
So you feel today's youth feel that they should try and do it themselves and fail rather than do it together and fail. Hmmm..interesting thoughts. Any real life situation like you mentioned in the recent past?


gururanganathan said...

hello roop,

yes i beleive that todays youth lack interest to work in group!!!it is not that they are shy, it is that they do not want to....the need for recognition urging in youth's mind makes them to take independent individual decisions and thus avoid them from groups!!! todays youth want to get immediatly rewarded for their work,when in group the fear that the name may go to somebody else is always there!!! is the situation!!! this is my observation!!

hey i love to work in groups, exceptions are not examples!!!!hahahahah hope u got my point!!