Thursday, June 28, 2007

The best reason to buy an iPhone

Wickrum, my dear friend from O&M send me this:

Steve Jobs
' Reality Distortion Field has achieved a lot in the past, but nothing to rival this. Could the iPhone's most impressive feature be the ability to help treat AIDS?

That's was a young man called Johnny Vulkan hopes . He's first in line outside the SoHo Apple store in New York, waiting to pick up a handset, which will auction on eBay. The proceeds will then go to Keep a Child Alive, which provides AIDS treatment to African children. He is also considering selling sponsorship on his t-shirt, anticipating the media attention his plan would get.

It seems like a great idea. Sure, the handset has its problems but, by being the first in line, Vulkan will surely double, triple or quadruple his initial investment. And, more importantly, he's harnessing all that iPhone hype for a really good cause.

The other people in line for the iPhone fascinate me too. Also outside the 5th Avenue store in New York is retired Greg Packer, who arrived four days before the launch. He was also in line for a PS3 days early. Others are there as paid placeholders, advertising their services on Craigslist for anything from $200 to $1000. Vulkan has perhaps the only sane reason for waiting in such a queue.

Maybe it would be wise for other charities to send their staff out to queue at big product launches. They could make lots of money in a few days. Anyway, let's hope that Vulkan's iPhone becomes the most expensive one sold this week.


gururanganathan said...

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Kapil said...

I am not sure if Charities would be interested in these kind of purchases and and then sell them again - a bit of of risk would be involved.

Rather I was thinking what if Steve Jobs did his bit by opening up bids for the "first iphone piece" you know maybe a week in advance. OR a personally signed iPhone by Steve himself ...

These things would make interesting sales, proceeds of which can go to charities working with AIDS infected people.

What say?

pooR_Planner said...

Agree with you Kapil. But I think that would look like a publicity stint from Steve Jobs or Apple. On the other hand Apple actually sells its (RED)iPod to help people suffering from AIDS in Africa. The Bono case. On the other hand I think Johnny Vulkan tried to make a conscious decision to help those suffering from AIDS. Maybe he falls under the 'Attention Seeker' archetype.

Anyway. How you been? Long time no see, things all fine with you?