Monday, June 11, 2007

Dope on Booze

Interesting figures in today's ET. Booze market in India is growing.
  • In 2006, sales of beer and other spirits crossed 220 million cases - a growth of 10%
  • Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) sales made up half the market
  • The market for IMFL is estimated to be around Rs. 34000 crore
  • Beer hogged 90% of the rest of the market
  • There are estimated to be 200 million regular whiskey drinkers in India
  • A McKinsey study sees consumption of alcoholic beverages growing from Rs. 11,500 crore in 2005 to Rs. 71,200 crore in 2025 at an annual CAGR of 9.6%
  • Almost 90% of the whiskey sold in India costs less than Rs.300
  • The alcoholic beverage market is seen growing @ 15 - 20% if deregulated
  • Exponential growth in the premium liquor segment is pulling the entire category
  • Imports account for barely 1% of Indian spirits market
Hola, I guess Alcoholic Anonymous has lot of work to do in this country. Anyone out there has any interesting campaign based on this figures. If yes, do revert. And don't drink and drive, you might end up paying the cops more than you drank.


Update: More resources:
  • Beer sales in India are forecast to grow at a CAGR 17.2% to 2011
  • South India consumed most beer - 471 million litre, while north guzzled up 35 million cases
  • Kingfisher rules the market with 45% share
  • SABMiller brands command 37% market share
  • Annual per capita consumption stands at just 0.6 litre compared to 23 litre in China, an average of 73 litre across Europe and 78 litre in US

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