Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink she is

Well, I did have the opportunity to meet this wonderful young woman, who also is a planner. And true she is all pink. She took me to this small yet wonderfully decorated place called Chokola in Vasanth Vihar.

At the corner beside a huge glass window I set to pick her mind because she is born to catch the dragon in its den. She's jolly, she's bubbly and she's touchy. She is very intelligent and she gave me few quick ideas on how to make a restaurant look interesting. But somehow I annoyed her by pointing my finger at her on some thing (without any intention ofcourse, as I always do) while I was talking to Khalid (damn you). Are women planner's touchy creatures?

Lady, it was my pleasure meeting you. Wish you all the success and please, please don't get me wrong, I never intended to be rude. Hope you don't linger over trivial issues for long and do pardon people. Keep rocking the Capital. Cheers.

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FiNK said...

ha ha ha ha ha.. it was good to meet you too! And nope, I'm not annoyed. Sure I think it's rude to point fingers and bad manners are on top of my 'eewww' list. But hey, it was interesting chatting with you. I hope you do start that restaurant you were talking about. I promise to try it and leave lots of comments. And thank you for adding a gorgeous touch of my pink to my day with the flowers =)