Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Evolution of self

In my previous post I mentioned my dissatisfaction on an article written by a noted trend spotter in India. As I kept thinking about individualism, independence and liberation that young India is looking for, I tried to delve deeper and find out the reason "How the Self Expression is Evolving."I feel what's happening in India at the moment is a gradual shift from traditional roles defined by the culture to a self defined role defined by the world and it's mother. As we keep growing as a nation with more experience (our past downturns which is the basic building blocks of traditional ethos and values), better education (rate of literacy increasing every year), economic development, young Indian are seeking to be different. From Inconspicuous Consumption to Expressive Consumption. These expressive consumption can be in any form of technology, fashion, luxury goods, cars or anything that allows young Indians to stand up. Young India is getting ready to reclaim the future.

It is this 'evolution of self' which most others are confusing as Extreme Individualism.

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