Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Indian ishtyle individualism, wot crap?

I was reading an article by Hamsini Shivakumar in today's ET . She raises an issue on how increasing globalization and consumerism is helping Individualism grow in India. She uses cultural difference in parental upbringing as a basis of her hypothesis. Parents force kids in America to do it themselves whereas in India parents teach how others do it for you.

Somewhere I found a huge disconnect while I was reading the article. Is young India really looking for individualism? India will be celebrating its 60th year of independence not liberation. Mind you not liberation. Young India is looking for liberation. Liberation of mindset. Liberation of social stigmas. Liberation of traditional values which has no meaning. And technology is the biggest weapon that they have found - they are using gadget as tool and fashion as the image of that liberation they are seeking.

The secret lies in understanding why young Indians are operating the way they are rather than drawing a stupid hypothesis on individualism from growing consumerism, growing affluence, high disposable income, media dominance, expansion of fashion and glamour industry, media driven activities and hectic work life.

She failed to explain the reasons why young Indians are trying so hard to control their destiny...oops...exhibit their individuality. No offense, this is my personal point of view on a topic which I've working hard for sometime now. It is important to understand the origin of a trend first and then rationalise what would be the implication of that trend in the market place.


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