Friday, July 27, 2007

meet Charlie

My boss had given me a project on "The Impact of Social Networking to Society" which I am still working on and a long way to go. Since this is a hot topic, I am spending most of my time doing research and I came across this great article by Neil Perkin who said it all very sweetly. I still remember how I met my boss using RSS and then we spoke for hours and landed up new job. Today we don't need to meet (actually we hardly meet each) but work flows so smoothly.

Web 2.0 and now its Enterprise 2.0. This is an interesting story about Charlie. And do thank Neil Perkin for sharing it with the world.

Collaborative working is such a wonderful thing. The Age of Conversation is the latest outcome of collaborative working.

Don't you think the HR Heads in our advertising industry should be looking for more Charlie's ??


Anbuchezhian said...

But Roop do really agencies have HR departments with well defined KRAs? Its always the Branch Head, Finance Head, Creative Head, Planning Head doubling up as HR head in agencies doubling up as HR so where is the time to think about internal customers in agencies?

Charles Frith said...

I might be in your neck of the woods at some point :)