Monday, July 09, 2007

Not well but hey how about lil Hoopla

I honestly don't love these rainy nights. Running a high temperature. Blocked nose. Bugged with bodyache. Bored to death. Cannot do much except fall flat in bed. Read book (eyes are straining). Listen to music (head is heavy). basically in a bad situation.

Anyway, I picked up "Hoopla" last week. Authored by Porter, Bogusky and Warren Berger. All about how the great agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky works. Their internal ethos. The idea generation process. The secrets of the agency. How they run their factory (not agency mind you). Lovely colourful book. Just started reading it and let me assure you it's damn interesting. Get yourself a copy too. By the way, all you digital advertising freaks and gods, visit CPB here and see how brilliant interactive work they created for VW. Truly interactive. Truly inspiring. And that's the way the digital medium is supposed to be used.

I've an important presentation coming. Not prepared anything. Need to write a brief for the same and have a sitting with the creative folks at office. Man. But am sick. No going to work. No taking calls. Just sleep and snore.

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gururanganathan said...

hi roop,

same here.....this sky is pissing and iam getting fever and head ache!!!!!anywayz take care!!!!