Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When Piyush dropped by

Today, Piyush Pandey dropped in our Bangalore office and gave us few motivational talks. What I like about this man is his simplicity.

Renilson managed to take a picture of me with him. The 2.0 megapixel camera in my Samsung E250 is not that bad. What say?

He said, "Let your work do the talking. That's the only way you'll make others notice you and take you seriously. Take a small step. Start small. You'll realize how each small step helps in building that bigger picture. Don't throw away any idea because the client didn't buy it. Keep it, nurture it. Someday you might sell it to someone and he'll see immense value in it."

Well, he spend nearly an hour talking to everyone. He shared his story on Fevicol, how he created a radio spot for Fevitite and later the client asked him to make a TVC of the same for Fevicol. How he sold his advertising idea of Voltas to Kelvinator. Wise words from the man with many feathers in his cap. Its truly inspiring.

In the end he said, "Rock n roll, just rock n roll." And that's all I do, rock n roll.


gururanganathan said...

great !!!

Kapil said...

Hey that's so cool to meet the MAN of Advertising. I would love to hear him in person. But I must agree about the fact that dont throw your ideas you never know where you can use them. There is an insider info that some of the ideas planned for SBI are yet with Piyush and he wants to try and sell them to some other financial players he can fit them into.