Sunday, July 22, 2007

saturday night fever

So I spend yesterday, a Saturday, watching DVD's the whole day. I started with 'Malena,' directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starring Monica Belluci. As early as 10.30 am. Malena got me thinking about women empowerment and the changing times. So I spend the entire noon thinking and thinking about it.

After lunch I started watching 'Matador' by Pedro Almodovor, starring Antonio Banderas, where the director explores the darker side of human minds, err, bullfighters. Another classic from the man. How much I like his films. (Now, don't read me wrong, not all lovers of Almodovor's films are ...I know what I mean.)

At 1900 hrs, I thought will go out for some fresh air. Unfortunately it started pouring. I mean it. Am sure half of Bangalore was water logged. So instead of venturing out, I settled for my last and final DVD, 'Twin Falls Idaho' by the Polish Brothers - Mark and Micheal. Now this one is really touching. A love story so well told. A love story of a Siamese twins with an upcoming model, Penny (Michele Hicks)

Honestly, after a long time I could actually spend my weekend at home just being lazy. Wish I had the time, money and energy to study every movie character and draw inferences about my target audience. Being an effective planner is not always easy. You guys have a nice weekend too.

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Kapil said...

How much I would love to spend such a Saturday. I haven't seen a movie on DVD in a long while - but I am currently watching the Prison Break series. (season 1). And it's pretty gripping!