Friday, August 24, 2007

recycle fun

These days most companies are speaking about innovative ways to handle waste management and recycle products for the benefit of mankind.

Here's something that caught my eyes the other day. Pouffles made from industrial leftovers of rubber flip flops. Stools made from industrial leftovers of cork.

Good for the environment and good for mankind. Cheap, durable, innovative, attractive and great looking stuff that does wonders to your living space. It is eco-friendly, it has a story behind it (well you've something good to write about atleast) and it has all the viral properties to attract peoples attention.

This is truly a big idea. All the more reason why we in advertising should start looking forward to collaborate with designers more often. Go here to read more about this stuffs.

Anyone with more example like this or any innovative ideas on how to recycle and turn ordinary things into great utility goods, do post your comments.

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