Friday, August 31, 2007

Simplifying maintenance

Noticed this ad in Business Today the other day. Club One Air is an Aircraft Maintenance and Management Program offered to the nouveau riches of the society. You can buy a jet and hand over the same to Club One Air to manage and maintain it for you.

This also seems like a great platform for the automobile industry too. Atleast that's what I feel. I had a similar solution for Rob@Cynic's last APSotW assignment. The insights that I came up with was "Men love spending money on machines that reflect their status, but don't like spending additional money on maintenance." Yes, maintenance is a bigger issue for car owners. If companies can consciously help reduce these cost, customers will actually remain loyal to your brand. Given the fact that frequency of car change is now reduced to 24 months, clubbing your service offering with a similar maintenance program can go a long way in building your brand. Asian Paints Home Solutions is a good example from another product category doing a similar maintenance program that takes away consumer's headache. And it's getting all the good responses.

Probably, brands as part of their extension (or marketing plan) should consider setting up similar ventures that they can leverage upon in the long run.

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