Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another screen in your life

Increasingly screens of different shape and size are invading our lives. TV Screen, Laptop Screen, ATM Kiosk Screen, Mobile Phone Screen and it goes on and on. So, ladies and gentlemen, here's one of them coming soon to invade your life - Interactive Window Shopping Touch Screen, installed at the Ralph Lauren store in London. Read the full story here.

'Retail Media' in India will witness a sea change in the coming years. Retail giants like Walmart, Future Group, M&S and whoever comes to India would want to enjoy that share of the pie. Media agencies or the advertising agencies can't do much about it. Technology will play a major role and they will reap all the benefits of their investments. Manish did discuss about Last Mile Connection in one of his earlier posts. And let me assure you, it will be the retailers that might just play a bigger role when it comes to advertising in the future.

Do share some more examples if you come across any.

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gururanganathan said...

hey i found one near the loo in a theatre in chennai(satyam theatre complex in mount road)...there 3 theatres in their complex and a lcd screen is kept above the potty ....you can see the lcd when u pee..the screen displays the film running in teir complex and also promotes for the membership in their complex!!!!